What is RAIDS?

RAIDS is a new tabletop role playing game. It uses familiar mechanics such as dice rolling, storytelling and a character sheet with attributes and abilities. However, the storytelling aspect is very much at the core of the game. If it makes sense within the world, and it would add to the story, my goal is that a player should be able to do pretty much anything they wish- as long as everyone playing has fun with it.

What is the setting for RAIDS?

The initial setting for RAIDS that will be included in the rulebook is a dark fantasy realm. Novathe will be the land which adventurers can explore and carve out a legacy. It is a world that constantly feels the struggle between the light and the dark. Living shadows terrorise the people, and their only security is in the beacons of holy flames that cast the shadows from their homes. Gods walk amongst men, battling for their right to rule, while a civilisation forgotten by the gods is ready to return to the world and overthrow them.

But RAIDS is designed to be a framework of rules which you can fit to any game world that you wish. If you’ve ever wanted to see your favourite Saturday morning cartoon characters clash, then this is the role playing game for you.

Listed in the rulebook will be conversion notes on how to tailor the game from magic to technology, superpowers or whatever else your game world needs. Think of it as a tried and tested homebrew for everyone to enjoy.

What is the story?

As mentioned above, the story is whatever your game group want to tell. But if you prefer to play a game with modules and campaign settings then RAIDS has you covered.

Sprinkled throughout the rulebook is lore pertaining to the world of Novathe and there will be a full campaign included with the final release.

There will also be more campaigns released as time goes on, but the real goal is to get players to share their adventures with each other to build a community. We want you to play such awe inspiring adventures that others will want to tackle them too.

What makes RAIDS unique?

RAIDS focuses more on storytelling than stats, and so to this effect the whole character sheet is a bit more grounded. There are no levels, no classes and no limitations.

Your abilities will upgrade through practice, so if you use a bow regularly in combat, you’ll get better at using a bow. However, just because you don’t normally use a long sword, that doesn’t mean you can’t wield it if that’s all that is lying around.

The decision to remove classes is so that your characters can evolve as the story progresses, instead of being pigeonholed into something you may fall out of love with. This way, players are free to pick however they want to play to make the story fun for everyone, rather than feeling like they’re doing the team a disservice if they don’t take a healer or tank role. 

These changes exist to make the game easy for beginners and seasoned gamers, and to keep everyone on a level playing field. But there’s plenty of challenges to keep everyone on their toes, as they have to think outside of the box to reach their goals.

RAIDS is being designed with the player in mind, and we know that sometimes it can be difficult to get a gaming group together. We hope that we can build a community of players who can meet up in real life or online to play, but we know that sometimes this won’t be possible for everyone. Because of this, RAIDS will be playable with as few as one players. Solo adventures will be launched, which can be played with or without a game master. There will also be instructions on how to scale encounters for the size of the party.

Where did the idea come from?

RAIDS was initially meant to be a small set of rules that could be referenced in a podcast series that I was working on. It was an audio drama focused around a gaming group and swapped between reality and their campaign. I initially used Dungeons and Dragons when the podcast, “Never Split The Party”, was aired as a livestream for Leicester’s Story City Festival, but when we thought about turning it into a series, we felt it would be better to use our own rules to allow equal footing for all listeners, and to give us more creative license with changing rules for dramatic effect. The process of creating the ruleset however, snowballed into plans for a fully fledged game. I haven’t stopped working on the podcast, but I want the rules to be 100% true and playable.

I knew that I wanted the rules to fit whatever setting the players wanted, that was key, but writing the rules without a concise setting to use as an example proved impossible. And so I turned to Novathe.

The world of Novathe has been a part of my life since I was very young. I would write stories about it and the characters that inhabited the world. As I began playing and running role playing games, the world became a campaign setting that I would use and their adventures helped me to flesh out the world.

At university I had to produce two novel ideas and the openings for those stories. Once again I went back to the world of Novathe and focused on two very different aspects of it: the pantheon, and the forgotten hills men who would become dwarven kind.

How far away from production is the game?

Currently, RAIDS is still in a very raw form, being lists of stats and rules. As the last main rules are solidified, the next stage will be a playtest. Aspects of the rulebook will be made available to people who wish to participate in the playtest and give feedback about how they found the game and any improvements they would like to see.

From there it will be a case of tidying it up and putting it into an easy to read document, with that premier look and feel that gamers expect.

Then comes the digital release. RAIDS will be made available online for players to enjoy in a digital format. The dream is to turn it into a physical publication, maybe even take it to a convention like UK Games Expo, but digital publication is the best way to share it with as many gamers as possible for the smallest cost for the players.
If RAIDS sounds like something that you or your friends may enjoy, then please like, share and subscribe for more updates, so that we can start to build this community and make RAIDS our reality. Thank you.

– Liam, game designer for RAIDS


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