An introduction

Hello there, my name is Liam and I’ve been playing pen and paper RPGs for somewhere over 10 years now. I also play a lot of board and card games, and am always looking for new additions to my games library.

I was first introduced to D&D 3.5 and instantly fell in love with it. I’d only really played miniature war games before, but the level of fun and storytelling had me hooked. I played a few sessions with this group, before our DM moved away and entrusted me with his books and campaign notes to keep the game running.

Sitting behind the screen was a lot of fun, and for years I continued to bring new adventurers into the fold and show them a whole new realm of gaming. But after a while, I felt the call to play as a character again.

Uni was the perfect opportunity, as I found some local gaming groups. I ran some D&D games still (moving through 3.5, 4th, Next playtest and 5th), but as a player I explored new games: Mutants and Masterminds, Fate, Dragon Age and Doctor Who. I enjoyed all of the interesting mechanics of the games, but the main thing that kept me going was the stories.

I am a storyteller at heart. I’ve been working on a fantasy novel since I was 7 (the world has become my go to world for running games in), and after graduating in Drama and Creative Writing, I have written and staged a fair few plays.

One of these projects was a livestream audio drama that ran as part of a theatre festival: it was about a group of friends playing D&D, with their real world and game world adventures. I really enjoyed the project and wanted to do more with it, however to turn it into a podcast series I would have to lose the D&D brand.

My decision in the end, was to create my own game system. A ruleset that would leave all listeners on equal footing as it would be new to everyone, but familiar too. The essence of it is storytelling, with dice mechanics to help add tension and challenge to it.

After a while of working on it, I’m almost ready to begin some public playtesting and thought that this community might be interested in hearing about my project.

The podcast will move into production as soon as I am satisfied that the ruleset works fully, so that their world feels more authentic. I can honestly say I’ve never been more excited about a project in my life.

So that’s me. On to the next adventure!

– Liam, game designer for RAIDS


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