Single player mode

Raids single player mode works in a similar way to the old read and play stories. There will be two versions of the adventure- one to be played with a GM (or Raid Boss as we call them), and one to be played without (as a single player or group). There are charts to scale the levels of enemies you face to make them fair for single players whilst still maintaining a challenge.

As you come across challenges, you will decide how your character would attempt to get past it and what skill you would use to do so. There will be a challenge rating to beat, and if successful you move on to one section, and if not you need to find a different way to get around the obstacle or move onto a different section in the adventure.

To achieve this, there will be markers in the adventure to tell you where to go, but the PDF will also have hyper links to move you to the appropriate section. We also hope to implement a web based version which incorporates dice rolls for you. This is one of the goals we hope to achieve via funding.


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